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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July

This weekend was a busy weekend but it was a really fun weekend as well. Eric had a 4 day weekend which made both the kids and I happy. On Saturday we got together with our playgroup family and had a pool party/barbecue. It was a lot of fun but cooling off from the heat was the best part. Ethan enjoyed going down the water slide and hitting the pinata. I have to agree with him, the water slide was a lot of fun. Thankfully, everyone was so worn out that we all crashed as soon as we got home. But the quietness didn't last long because Ethan remembered that we were going to light fire works once it got dark. The excitement was just too much for him... all he kept saying was "I am so excited" over and over. Since we live out of San Antonio city limits, there are fields around us that have safe zones where you can come and light pretty much whatever you want in the safe zone because the fire department is present in case anything happens. They have restrictions but no one really followed them. Once we got there I knew Ethan would be fine with the fireworks but was worried about Gracie so it was touch and go at that point. Of course we only had sparklers and small fireworks but everyone else had bigger ones which were loud so I figured she was going to flip out at any moment. Just the opposite, she sat and watched them like she knew exactly what they were. She would point and clap and looked like she really enjoyed it. Ethan of course loved holding the sparkles and making weird designs. By the time we got home it was 10:00 and Ethan was nodding off but Gracie was wide awake. Where do they get their energy from?

Cool Gracie

Ethan going down a slide

The kids playing with their friends

Gracie getting wet

Ethan and Samantha hiding behind the whale.
Eric was shooting water at them.

Ethan running away after puling the handle that moved the bucket of water.

Gracie and Faith playing

They look at me like I am the weirdest.

Gracie enjoying lunch

Ethan hitting the pinata

Getting ready to go down the slide

Eric and Ethan about to get wet.

Ethan and Mommy having fun!

Playing by the baby pool

Dad taking the kiddos for a ride

Playing with Fireworks

Just relaxing

Too much fun

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