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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Firehouse Tour

Yesterday our playgroup got the chance to tour a Firehouse. We got to see their trucks, uniforms, all the gadgets along side the trucks, and even got to spray the hose. Of course, since water was being sprayed out like a sprinkler, the kids had fun running underneath it. Thankfully, the Fireman were smart enough to leave that surprise to the end because all the kids got soaked. Ethan was watching his friends run in the water and asked me if he could go. I told him sure. Then he said that he didn't want to get his clothes wet so he asked if he could go naked. I laughed and told him that if he wanted to get wet, his clothes would have to get wet too and reminded him we only lived 3 miles away. He decided to let loose and joined his friends. By that time Gracie was already exhausted so she was already in her stroller with a snack and didn't feel like running in the water. I think everyone had a great time and it was nice for the kids to see the trucks up front. Sorry, there are a lot of pics but it was a really fun day.

All the kids with the fireman

You can see Ethan is loving it

The fireman showing the kids what he wears

Looking at all of the gadgets

Gracie was running everywhere

Annalise and Gracie playing. They are about a month apart.

Gracie trying to lift a heavy helmet

Gracie in the front seat of the truck

Can you see how strong willed my daughter is!
She wouldn't look at me

There's my photogenic child!

In the front seat

Amelia and Ethan.
She is one of his best friends

Here is Ethan's other buddy Jeremiah. We were stationed with the Clarke family in Ohio and now stationed together again here in Texas. Plus, we were in the same playgroup there too. The boys are about a month apart. Annalise (previously pictured) is Jeremiah's sister.

Ethan spraying the hose

The kids getting soaked. Ethan is on the far right.

All the wet kiddos

Another picture

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