Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Family visit

Here our some photos of our last visit back home. It was great to see everyone and I know Ethan enjoyed playing with all of his cousins. It was a busy week visiting with our big family but we made sure to include some down time at White Sands Monument. Ethan had so much fun and loved going down the sand dunes. He is still talking about it and keeps asking when we will be going back to White Sands.

Ethan and Cousin Jacob
Gracie enjoying Ethan's old napping spot

Uncle Dave, Aunt Danielle, Gracie, Ethan and Eric
Ethan and Eric riding down the sand dune

Ethan and Jacob going down the dune

If one goes, so does the other
Gracie and I relaxing

Adorable Gracie

Our little Family

I love this picture because Ethan is going to give her a kiss and you can see the excitement in Gracie's face.

Gracie and Ethan with their Great Grandmother Maria

Here is a Video of Ethan going down the sand dune

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