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Monday, June 16, 2008

Splashing around

I know that my posts are getting far and few between but I have just been so busy. Eric has already been on a handful of tdy's since we got here but thankfully he has now told me that he isn't going on anymore. However, while he was gone I did have a lot of fun shopping for the house especially since Eric wasn't there to say no to any of it. I always joke that if it isn't for a dollar Eric won't buy it. With two small kids painting and hanging decor is out of question. Therefore, everything is on the floor waiting for Eric to hang them up. The best part is decorating Gracie's room. It is so fun shopping for little girl items. Ethan's room was just pure boy so I think I am living vicariously through her. I was telling Eric I can't wait till she is big enough for a bed because I want one of those big white canopy beds. I have always wanted a princess bed! I still got to paint one of her walls but it all seems to be coming together. Once finished I will post some pictures.

For Father's Day weekend we drove to San Angelo and had a barbecue with some friends out at the lake. Of course, we had a lot of fun but it was a bitter sweet weekend because now that we have moved this close, our friends are pcsing some where else. Ethan had fun swimming and fishing with the boys and we as always enjoy their company. We hope they move somewhere really cool because I know we will be visiting them regardless where. For Father's Day we were driving back but once we got home Ethan surprised his Dad with his gift. Ethan is right around that age where Father's Day and Mother's Day start to really feel special. He had fun showing the card he picked out especially for Dad and showed him where he signed it. After that he kept saying "Happy Father's Day" to Eric over and over. It was cute and I know it made Eric's day! The first video is of the boys splashing each other and the last one is of Gracie laughing and yelling.

Swimming at the pool
Playing on the slip n' slide

Gracie on her stomach

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