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Ashe Background

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a week

Sorry it has taken a while for me to update but we have been busy. We have hit a little bump in the road on the way of being diaper free. Ethan knows how to pee in the toilet but it is the other one that we are having a problem with. He was doing so great and we weren’t having any problems than he must have just decided to get back at us for something and has gone on strike. I wonder if something just rubbed him the wrong way or if he is having a hard time remembering when to go. He always tells me when he needs to go pee but then goes and hides and once he is done comes and tells me about his little mess. Now, I am basically watching him like a hawk and asking him all the time. I hope we can get pass this fast. Besides Ethan testing me, he took it upon himself to embarrass me at the store today. We were in line and I was buying some clothing items including undergarments that go on the top of the body. While we were waiting for the clerk to ring them up, Ethan starts to inform her what they will be used for. Of course it is packed as can be and the clerk was cracking up. I was dying of embarrassment and was just ready to dash out of there. I can still hear my child with a huge grin on his face pointing at them as she was ringing them up and yelling, “Chi -Chi’s Chi-Chi’s. I tried explaining that we don’t say that word out loud but all I got was a confused look.

Gracie is doing great and just smiles all the time. Every now and then when I get her going I can get a little giggle out of her. She is such a good sleeper that Eric and I joke she should have been our first born because we would’ve gotten much more sleep. I put her down at 8:00 and I have to go and wake her up at 8:00 the next morning. One time I let her sleep just to see if she was going to wake up on her own but by the time it got to 9:00 I knew her whole day would’ve of been messed up so I woke her up. She moves all over her crib and we find her in different spots all the time. She hates being on her stomach and protests it every time. Ethan and I lay down right next to her to entertain her but she just seems to get more annoyed. I told Ethan we put her on her tummy so she can learn to pick up her neck just like he does, but being the kind big brother that he is, goes and tries to help her pick her head up. Thankfully, I was right there to correct him that she had to do it and we don’t touch her head. I knew he was just trying to help. During the mornings I have started walking in my attempt of shedding extra pounds because they don’t shed off so easily the second time around but anyways Gracie seems to really like it. Ethan and her sit right next to each other and enjoy the ride. I sometimes have to tell him to leave her alone but normally he is bugging me with his different questions and telling me for the hundredth time “Car coming.” Although it does reaffirm that he is paying attention to his surroundings and knows that we don’t want to get hit.

I have no idea what happened to Ethan's Cheek but we were outside before his was taken so who knows

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