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Ashe Background

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daddy's little girl

Now that Gracie has been sleeping through the night and she is getting too big for her bassinet I figured that we were going to move her into her own room. Ethan was about this age when we moved him. Well bedtime came around and Eric put Ethan to bed while I put Gracie to bed. She passed out without a fuss like she always does but I think that the fact that her crib is far more comfortable than her bassinet helped out. Once Eric and I came up to bed, Eric walks into our room and asks me where Gracie is at. I tell him that she is in her crib in her room. As soon as I said that, I realized Eric wasn’t ready for her to leave our room. I told him that Ethan started to sleep in his own room when he slept through the night and if I remember correctly it was Eric’s idea to move him out of our room. He said that she was still too small (she is bigger than Ethan was) and promptly goes and gets her from her crib and places her in the bassinet. I just smile and mention that a certain little girl has someone tightly wrapped around her little finger. That happened about a week ago. However, last night Eric realized that she is too big for the bassinet when she scooted down and her legs were all scrunched up. She just looked uncomfortable. He finally agreed that it was time to move her. Hopefully, Daddy will take it okay.

Ethan is still doing really well with the potty and we haven’t had an accident for awhile now. Not giving him anything to drink after dinner time has helped take care of the early rising. He still gets up early but not 5 o’clock early. A couple nights ago Ethan woke up screaming and Eric and I couldn’t get him too calm down. I figured that he had a nightmare so I told him that he could sleep with us ONE time. Anyone who knows us knows we really don’t like co sleeping. Ethan was already 1 the first time he slept with us and it was because he was really sick. We don’t like it because we think it is too dangerous when they are Gracie’s age and just starting a bad habit with Ethan’s age. Well sure enough, Ethan came into our room the next night at 4. He walked to Eric’s side first knowing what my answer would be and asked if he could sleep with us. Eric knew that if we said yes again, we would have lost our bed to our children. Ethan wasn’t happy with the decision and cried the whole way back to his room. It took him awhile to go back to bed but we had to be firm. Thankfully, he hasn’t come back to our room since then. I don’t know what was going on with him.

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