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Ashe Background

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Spirit

Even though we will not be home for Christmas, I still wanted to put up the tree and all of the decorations. It will be Ethan’s 1st Christmas and ours as a family. Therefore, since it is a special holiday we are planning on having our own tiny Christmas right before we leave. Ethan has done real well on not touching the tree and hasn’t shown that much interest in it. The only time it catches his eye is when the lights are on.

On the other hand, Eric decided that since we weren’t going to be home he wasn’t going to put any lights up. That was until about every person on our block had their lights up. He gave in and embraced the Christmas tradition of decorating. As he says it, “I don’t want to be the only scrooge on the block”.

** 18 more days till when we will be in Alamo** I am so excited because I have missed our families and our friends, they are going to freak when they see how much Ethan has grown.

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