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Ashe Background

Thursday, November 09, 2006

“All I want for Christmas is my two……”

Ethan has two more teeth, his front teeth have started to come in. His gummy smile will be leaving me for good. It is so sad.

Today Ethan took three steps by himself. He pulled himself up along side the coffee table and went to the couch. Eric and I started clapping and wailing acting like he took those three steps on the moon. Little things like this make our day.

On another note, Ethan has been going through some crazy tantrums. I will take something away from him that he is not supposed to have in his mouth or hands and he acts as if I took away his very need for survival. He goes into this silent open mouth cry where you just see that he is about to wail a huge scream once he runs out of breath, then he throws himself back onto the floor either hitting his head on the furniture or the floor, then once I go to grab him he rolls away from me. Eric didn’t believe me till it was done to him. We just try to ignore it so he won’t think that kind of behavior gets our attention.

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