Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Break Beach Life

Even though our spring break didn't include any beach time, we thought it would still be fun to imagine that we were at the beach!  Fort Ashe was created once again and we created beach themed crafts and cupcakes!  

This was the first year that Lexie showed interest in Fort Ashe and imaginary play which made it extra special.  Maintaining focus during crafts was tough, but she loved being included.  It was sweet watching her interact with her baby doll and she really loved the snack necklaces.  

Fort Ashe never gets old and I'm lucky that they still enjoy it. 
Love these sweet moments and I hope to never forget them! 

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Unknown said...

Breaks should be spent with pro-active, something-to-learn and fun activities for the kids. You guys are having fun and family bonding, that is great! Enjoy the spring break.

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