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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Poteet Strawberry Festival

Today we went to the Poteet Strawberry Festival. Last year we were busy driving from Ohio so we couldn't make it but I made sure we made it this year. It is a big festival and I think the biggest one I have ever been too. The highway driving up to the festival is filled with the farmers selling crates of strawberries. Of course there were more at the festival as well as all other types of food and entertainment. We saw the Mountain Cloggers dance and the Doggies of the Wild West Show. After that, Ethan got to ride some of the rides but his favorite was the rollar coaster. I also think he really liked the petting zoo because they had some babies in there so he just stayed petting them for ahwile. Unfortunatley Gracie was in one of her moods so she was just not up for pictures, however once we got home and everyone was exhausted and ready for nap--Gracie decides she is ready for picture time. Hence the last one of her hiding. The day before I was getting Ethan all pumped up about going and telling him he was going to ride on some rides, pet the animals, eat strawberries, watch people dance and he turns to me with out looking impressed and says, "But are they going to have food?" I said "Yes, they will food" Ethan says" Great!!!" Yup, he is my child alright! Show me the food!

Doesn't he looked thrilled!!

You would think we made him go on it.

There's the happy face

The dog show

Ethan riding a pony

Petting Bambi

Pettign the baby goat

Are you ready to take a nap NOW?????

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