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Monday, April 13, 2009

'Hippity Hoppity, Easter's on its way"

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! We had a great holiday weekend but just a wee bit exhausted from the hustle and bustle of it all. On Friday we enjoyed a picnic and an Easter Egg hunt with our playgroup. Ethan found a good amount of eggs and was overjoyed when he found most had chocolate in them. All morning before the hunt, he kept asking over and over "Is it time to go hunt Easter eggs at the park yet??" I didn't know if Gracie was going to get into it and realized when she wasn't, the moment she threw her basket and an egg at me. Oh well, she did enjoy pushing her push toy all around the pavilion though. She is still not walking but will push her stroller around the house like it is nobody's business. She will go from sitting to standing up but hasn't developed the freedom to take that leap. She loves how Ethan makes a big deal about it though. On Easter we went to the base to participate in the Easter Egg hunt there and then we finished off the day with a barbecue with friends. Therefore, by Sunday night we were exhausted and the kids were totally hyped on chocolate. Although, seeing Gracie with a chocolate mustache was priceless.

The BFFs enjoying the picnic

Scoping out the hunt


Gracie just had to sit at the big kid table!
She got so upset when I sat her on my lap to eat and fought with me until I let her sit there.
I have to give it to her, she stayed seated and ate all of her food.

Ethan eating with his friends

Ethan playing at the playgound

It all ended with an exhausted little girl

Ethan ready to hunt eggs at the club on base

Brother and Sister

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