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Friday, April 17, 2009

Busy Bee

Well, I have taken over our playgroup so I have been busy getting all the membership, activities and moms under control. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to post anything regarding the kids in long time.

Ethan has been busy keeping up with his friends. He is so cute because every time we leave a play date or something, he has to go and personally say goodbye to each of his “guy” friends. He loves to see me do silly /funny things and always replies with “Your crazy, Mommy” Today at the store, I dropped some items and Ethan seeing I was rushing replies with, “Slow down Mom, slooooow dooooown. Take your time” Another instance that makes me question who the parent is. He loves to play Hungry Hungry Hippo and Chutes and Ladders. He will even try to fudge an extra space or two to get him to a ladder. I have a calendar printed out with clip art on each day of what our activities are and he loves being able to tell me what we will be doing that day. I think it makes him feel like he is in control. He loves drawing shapes and watching as his Dad guesses what each shape is. I think it is hilarious when Ethan asks Eric what each shape is and when Eric guesses correctly, Ethan replies with “Your right, good job”. Ethan does pretty well getting himself dressed but to this day, will not put his own socks on. Thankfully, it is sandal weather. Sometimes if I am feeling flustered I catch myself being short with Ethan but only when he brings it up. For instance, Gracie was throwing the biggest fit ever and Ethan ran up and asked me a question, instead of answering his question, I kind of ignored him and replied with “NOT now Ethan”. He in the saddest voice, replied with “Are you angry? We don’t talk like that; remember how we speak to others”. I wanted to DIE, that is the exact words I say to him all the time and he literally called me out on it. So I just left Gracie screaming on the floor, Ethan and I went over to a corner, I told him I was sorry and that he was right to correct me, I answered his question and we started to read a book together. Gracie forgot what her problem was and soon followed.

Gracie is defiantly my middle child; in fact we need to have more kids because being the middle child suits her so well. There is a strong difference between Ethan and her at this age. Ethan was more physically developed along at this age than her, but she is by far more mentally along than him at this age. At the dinner table she will make a strange noise and try to catch Ethan’s attention. If he doesn’t look at her, she will change the noise up and do it louder. Once he acknowledges her she will keep doing it to get a laugh out of him. If he has a toy and she wants it, she will do anything to get it. She will hit, jump on him, push her head into his; I mean anything to get that toy. Ethan just says “Gracie, STOP it! Mom, Gracie needs to learn how to share.” She loves the Backyardigans and dances to the theme song. Ethan didn’t even pay attention to cartoons till he was closer to two. She loves to take barrettes out of her hair and mostly does it while we are in the car. When you ask her where her barrette is, she points to a slit in her Car seat cover and sure enough you can find at least three of them stashed away. She calls all of her stuffed animals and dolls “babyee”. One day I was showing Ethan a picture of his 3 month old cousin Vance and Gracie surprised us all when she pointed to the picture and said “babyee”. She loves talking on her play phone but of course goes silent when a real one is placed at her ear. She says Dada way more than Mama. In fact, the only time I hear Mama is when she is crying. She loves blowing kisses but sometimes forgets to move her hand away from her mouth. She adores Ethan but really doesn’t seem to care for Jager. Ethan loves to play with Jager but Gracie gets annoyed if he just even walks by her. They are so opposite!

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