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Friday, April 17, 2009

Cluck, cluck…Cha Ching!

Today was my bi-monthly grocery trip and I have to paint you the picture because it truly is a site to see. I get there exactly at 8:00am . I call that the “dead time”. It isn’t busy and if there are people, they are well lets put it nicely, close to being put in the ground. With my two troublemakers fully stocked with snacks and drinks, I am clutching to my precious grocery list that is categorized by aisles and whether I have a coupon or not, and my coupon binder. I really go in blazing getting exactly what I need on my list and only stopping if I truly see a good deal. Well, today was a good deal day! I first noticed strawberries are .99 cents so I buy 5 and will freeze them for future use. Thinking I found a reasonable deal, I went to the meat isle and to my amazement Tyson chicken is on sale and I have coupons. Outside it was pouring down rain, but for a split second in the meat isle, the clouds cleared away and the sun started shine. The other Mothers who also come at “dead time” were going crazy. I literally had to jump in the middle just to see what was going on. Tyson split breast ~3 ½ lbs were marked at $4.50 but by the time I factored in the sale and my coupon, I paid 1.75 for 3 ½ lbs of Chicken. I was able to get my hands on 3 of them, and then there were Tyson wings. They were $2.50 regular but with the sale and my coupon, I was able to get them for .60 cents for 2 ½ lbs of wings. I was able to grab 3 of them also. One woman went and grabbed an additional cart to load up on more. I literally was scolding myself and saying “Why don’t we own a deep freezer”?

Needless to say, it was a really good shopping day! I did go $20.00 over my $200.00 budget but seeing how I bought more meat that wasn’t on the list and I saved $50.00 using coupons, I think I did fairly well!!

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Angel said...

It's pretty exciting, isn't it? I started the coupon thing about 6 months ago and have gotten some pretty great deals too.