Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What a Month!

I have no clue where to begin because so much has happened this past month. The last week of March we had family visiting for Eric’s graduation. It was great seeing them and introducing them to Gracie. They were such a big help with both kiddos and it definitely made the transition from one house to another a lot smoother. Eric’s graduation went really well and we are both happy that he is done with school. I am proud that he has gotten his Masters Degree but what really puts icing on the cake is that he also received Distinguished Graduate due to his 4.0 grade average. It makes 18 months of “Sorry, I need to work on my homework/thesis” response all worth it.

After graduation had passed it was time to prepare for the wonderful 3 day drive with two kids, a dog, two parents and two cars, one pulling the old truck. The kids and the dog did better than expected and I just want to say whoever thought of having a DVD player in the car was a genius and must have been a parent. I owe that little machine so praise. But before that adventure would take place, we had to say goodbye to all the friends we had made. I tried postponing it but time was not on my side. Eric and I enjoy the military and always love meeting new people and doing new things. At each base, we always try to explore the area around it and meet different people we would of never meet outside of the military. Of course, it is always hard to leave friends but I have connected with so many here that it makes it especially difficult. What really made it harder is having Ethan. He thinks as these people as family and heck since we don’t see our family as much all he knows is our military family. Now he doesn’t understand why his buddy Ty can’t come over. Those two have known each other since they were 6 months old and have been by each others side since then. As Eric calls them “Brothers from another mother”, or how when the doorbell rings he runs towards the door yelling the neighbor kids’ names. It breaks my heart. However, like any PCS you just try to keep in touch and who knows we may be stationed together at another base.

Now we are busy getting accustomed to a whole new city and base, but I am pleased with what I have seen so far. We are soaking up the warm weather and enjoying our new house. Ethan loves his new room and the bigger backyard. I love shopping for our new house which Eric doesn’t seem to love as much as I do. Oh well!

At Graduation
Ethan and Ty playing one last time before we left
Hanging out with Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Dan

Gracie on the way to Texas
It was an exhausting trip

Goofing around with Grandma DeAnne and Grandpa Kerry

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