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Ashe Background

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Learning to "aim" for success

Now that we have settled into our new house. The potty training needed to be started and I was dreading it the most. It is the one thing that as a parent you don't have full control over. When he turned one WE took the bottle away, WE took the crib away and yet WE can't go to the potty for him or make him go. This is entirely up to him.

Monday: Accident as soon as I put on the underwear but does great during the day. However once Dad gets home everything goes south because he doesn't want to miss a thing. He was having to much fun playing outside and kept getting distracted.

Tuesday: Was great all day! I didn't have to ask him a single time. He just yells "Potty Mom" while running to the bathroom. Even though he slept in a diaper for nap time he woke up dry, yelling for his potty. Throughout the whole day he only had one accident.

Wednesday: No accidents today! He is doing really good on letting me know when he needs to go. It helps out because he is getting a little annoyed of me asking him all the time. After nap time he woke up with a dry diaper and asked me to put on his underwear. I think he is realizing that they are way more comfortable than diapers. Later on we went to the store and I was worried he would get to caught up and forget, however as we were checking out he tells us that he needs to go. I hope this continues.

Thursday: No accidents today! It is about 7 in the morning and I hear Ethan crying in his room. I knew something was wrong because he always wakes me up by coming into our room. I walk in and he is sitting in his bed crying that he needs to go potty. He had a diaper on but I rushed him to the potty. His diaper was completely dry and normally it is soaked by morning so I knew the poor guy really had to go. Next step is teaching him that he can go without me. He also woke up from nap time with a dry diaper.

Friday: No accidents so far! Woke up to Ethan yelling for the potty again, this time he was in the bathroom waiting for me. His diaper was dry again. I have to say that I am surprised how well Ethan has done because I always anticipate the worst. He has always done well when it comes to transitioning, even though I underestimate him. I think it is due to the horror stories that other mothers tell. We will give it a little while longer and more dry diapers before we tackle the night time. We will be out and about this weekend so hopefully there won't be any accidents but I am taking extra clothes just in case. I think I am just going to leave an outfit in the car to always have as a backup. Wish us luck :)

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