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Friday, April 18, 2008

What a cute face!

Today Gracie turns 2 months old. Time has flown by and I know it will continue to move faster than I want it to. She is already wearing 3-6 month clothes due to the nice Buddha belly. She is becoming more attentive and while in her bouncer she grabs onto the toys in front of her. She really enjoys when Ethan comes around. I try to keep him from getting all up in her face but she loves it. She always has a huge grin when he is playing with her. She is a lot like her brother was towards the swing. She only enjoys it for just a couple of minutes and then she wants out. Ethan never would sleep in it and she hasn't yet. However, she loves the bouncer which happened to be a favorite of Ethan's. Another odd thing is that she doesn't like to be rocked to sleep. She does the exact same thing that Ethan did where it feels like she is pushing me away. So lately I have been doing the same thing I did with Ethan where I just put her down, turn on the mobile and leave the room. She passes out every time without any crying. If I wait to long and she gets too tired then it is a little harder. She is now waking up only once a night which is very nice. Although, if you ask Eric both of our kids have slept through the night since birth. It is that selective hearing kicking in. We have her doctor’s appointment next week and she will be getting her shots. The first shots are the hardest. The screaming doesn't last as long with the other shots. It is going to be tough because she is now doing the bottom lip whimper where her lip shakes.

Ethan cracked me up today being his sneaky self. Eric left his coke on the counter and walked away. Well, here I come downstairs to find Ethan drinking it. A soon as he sees me he puts it down and bolts. I ask him what he was doing –like I don’t know- and he replies with, “I was drinking diet coke” clear as day with this guilty grin on his face. What made me smile was that he wasn’t just drinking a coke but he also made sure to tell me it was diet. It reminds me that he is listening to everything we say and takes it all in. Yet, I don’t understand why I get the blank stare when I say it is time to clean up.

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