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Ashe Background

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Super Bowl Weekend

This weekend has turned out to be a mellow one for us. I am going through the nesting phase where everything has to be just right so Saturday was deemed cleaning day. Today, we have been taking it easy and just waiting for the game to start. We are going to enjoy some delicious junk food with some company and hopefully it will be a great game. I also get to try out my strategy of picking the winning team. It has worked for me all but one time. I wait until the end of the 1st quarter and that is when I pick my team. It has nothing to do with who has the higher score or which quarter backer is hotter. It comes down to who has the better sportsmanship in my opinion. Karma comes around and if you act inconsiderate, you lose! Eric thinks I am crazy but hey, the odds have been in my favor.

Here are two videos of Ethan. One is of us singing and the other is of him and his dad playing outside. It was cold but Ethan has been itching to ride his scooter outside. He is getting really good at it!

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