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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Ethan!!

Yesterday Ethan had his very own 1st Birthday party. We invited a couple of friends over who have children right around Ethan's age. We had a so much fun watching him eat his cake and open his presents. He wasn't really into getting dirty with the cake but really liked the icing. I wanted it to be a special cake since this was a very speical birthday so I made him a homemade rocket ship and although it may not look like Martha made it, it is the thought that counts. (Don't laugh) Our living room is bombarded with gifts from Christmas and his Birthday that he is set for a whole year. Thanks Everyone!

This is one of the presents that Eric and I got him, a radio flyer wagon. Now if only the weather could get nicer, we could use it.


Angel said...

The cake looks great! Good job!

Mom:Margie said...

Were so glad that Ethan enjoyed his Birthday, he was in our thoughts all day.
We even got the video of him out, "The Beginning" and watched it again!!