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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Almost there!

Without a notice Ethan has said goodbye to his bed time bottle. It seemed like he didn't even notice that we switched it. I think the last time we tried to switch he wasn't feeling well and just wasn't ready to lose something of comfort. Therefore, we held off until a couple of days ago and he has done a lot better than expected. I think he has also realized that the sippy can hold the same stuff as the bottle. We are in the final stretch and hopefully we will soon be saying bye-bye.

This past weekend Ethan went to his first bowling alley. We went with some friends of ours and their son who is 1 month younger than Ethan. We didn't know how the boys would act and I just kept thinking that Ethan was going to be running down the lanes towards the pins. Thankfully, Ethan enjoyed watching us and then would clap afterwards. He would try to follow us to the line but with my fear of a ball to the head; he was kept off of the platform. On the lane next to us there was a family that had an 18 month old little boy who was bowling. I couldn't believe it because he didn't look under the age of 3 and he even picked up my ball by accident to bowl with. I can't wait until Ethan can join us in all the fun, but I will be amazed if he starts to play at 18 months!


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Bolin Fam said...

Congrats on the bottle!!!
Your son is so much better than my daughter. We took Kayla when she was little and she was all over the place like a crazy woman.
Glad to hear you guys are enjoying life!