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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Ethan turns the BIG 1!

Today is Ethan’s Birthday. I can’t believe that he is 1. Where does the time go? He has gone from rolling, sitting up, crawling, and walking all in one year! A year ago we were in the hospital impatiently waiting for him to arrive. Once he did arrive, we were so amazed of the little person that we had made. He has tremendously changed our lives in this one year but it has only been for the good and Eric and I would do it over again in a heartbeat. It’s not to say that there weren’t obstacles or times of uncertainty but that is what makes parenting unique. We will always be blessed that God gave us such a wonderful son!

Today we went to Ethan’s 1 year well baby checkup. Ethan enjoyed the fish tank in the waiting room and I enjoyed seeing all the cute newborns and remembering when he was that tiny. We learned that in one year Ethan has put on 14 lbs, and has grown 10.5 inches since birth. Unfortunately Ethan had to get 5 shots and they even had to draw blood. I understand about the 5 shots because of the chicken pox and the flu shot along with his normal ones but I couldn’t believe that they needed him to give blood. The doctor assured me that it is always done at 1 year to see if he is anemic and it would be pinprick. Once we got to the lab, the technician said that the doctor told a small fib and that they needed to go into his arm vein to fill a tube. When Ethan gets his shots I don’t get that nervous but when he started the needle on his tiny arm, I started to cringe. I have had blood work and it never bothered me but seeing him go through it was a little nerve wrecking. Of course, Ethan barely flinched and the tech made me realize that I was more freaked out than Ethan was. Oh well, he is my baby! Below are some pics of Ethan today and some when he was a newborn, to show how much he has changed in this one year.

Also, today is mine and Eric's Wedding Anniversary- 3 Years

Such a big boy!

4 days old, such a cutie!

2 days old, coming home.


Angel said...

Happy Anniversary Destiny and Eric!!

Happy 1st Birthday Ethan!! They do grow up too fast, but it's so fun to watch them develop into their own little person. I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Mitchell Familia said...

Wow! The big "1" that is awesome. Happy Birthday, big boy "Ethan". Happy Anniversay Destiny and Eric, I bet both occasions seem just like yesterday.

Love you all.

Tia Helen

eyejen said...

That year really did fly by. I remember holding Ethan at the hospital just one day old. I miss you all but love seeing Ethan grow. Yikes does he ever look like his dad!!