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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Addicted to Nilla Wafers

Last night I hosted a Creative Memories party and the dessert I was making had Nilla Wafers in it. Of course, Ethan got to have one and instantly become addicted. He will show me which cabinet the wafers are at and once I play dumb about the cabinet being locked he shows where the lock is and gives me a look that says “You open this cabinet any other time, you can open it now". Once I do fold and get the box out he is happily moving his head up and down, giggling and already reaching for a wafer. It is so cute when he moves his head in the "yes" motion and it has really helped on figuring out what he wants. Ethan has also understood that when I say "pa pa" it means we are going to eat some food and follows me to the fridge. Then once I tell him to go to his highchair, he will walk over to it and impatiently wait for me to put him in it. He has also realized that the things you wear on your feet are called shoes. If we are leaving I will tell him that it is time to go bye-bye and he needs to go and get his shoes. He looks down to see if they are on his feet and once he notices they aren't he will see where I am pointing and then goes and brings them back to me. He has also mastered that the proper way to get off of the couch without falling is to turn around and slide down feet first. Yet, he hasn't learned how to get on the couch, but that doesn't mean he isn't trying.
I am amazed at what he knows and really do underestimate him sometimes. It is when the mischievous boy kicks in and starts to feed Jager his toys after being told for the 100th time not too. He will wait till I am not looking and then when I go to get whatever toy out of Jager's mouth; Ethan is already running away with this guilty smirk on his face, looking for a new toy to tease the dog with, ugggh!

Daddy goofing around with Ethan.


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HAHA dad calls him baby a-b,b in this pic

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