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Ashe Background

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

So much to talk about

We are so excited that we have cable and Internet now!! We were going crazy and felt disconnected from the world.

This year has flown by so fast and I am exhausted. Not only from the rush of getting our home together but just keeping up with Ethan. He is moving around so much and seems to weigh more and more everyday. Going up and down the stairs in our house is exhausting but hopefully my legs will get a great workout.

Ethan is still doing the army crawl and I am wondering if he will continue since it works so well for him and not try to crawl. He has started to pull himself up using the couch but just can’t seem to hold on and falls back onto the floor. I am just excited because now that he has been able to sit on his own for a while without falling over means I have switched car seats and don’t have to drag that bulky one everywhere. It is so great when we go into a restaurant or into a store and he just fits great in the cart or highchair.

Lately he has become so interested in the Jager and is constantly crawling towards him and tries to grab at Jager’s face. Jager is such a good sport and takes it with stride. However Jager loves to give Ethan kisses and sometimes gets too excited so I have to be right there to stop him because Ethan loves it when Jager licks him and laughs in delight.

Ethan is still a happy eater but has now made it clear of what foods are just not for him. Green Beans and Peas are those foods. I have tried them over and over but he just gives me this look like “Are you serious?’ and then starts to gag. However he likes all the other vegetables so it isn’t just fruits and desserts. His favorite is Dutch Apple Dessert and when he is being fed his favorites he has started to say Mmmmmm after each bite. It is so cute!!

Ethan still has his two bottom teeth but I doubt it will be long before a couple more start to pop up. I can tell when one starts to cut because it seems that he just whines all day no matter what I do. Although he does love to go on walks and sometimes it cuts the whining out. It is starting to get a little colder outside so I don’t know how much longer I will be able to take him. In Texas during September I was wearing shorts and tank tops, in Ohio I am wearing Jeans and have a sweater on hand. I guess we have traded the heat for greenery. Now we will be able to experience all seasons.

I am sorry that this is so long, just so much has happened.

PICS: The top two are from when we went to Schlitterbahn, the next two are when Tiffany came to visit us and we went on the boat for some fun and the last one is of Ethan's Baptism with us, his godparents and the Preacher.

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