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Ashe Background

Friday, August 25, 2006

Waiting for Internet

The base library is the only place that I can have access to the internet since the cable people can't get out here till Sept 6th. Therefore this will be short due to the fact I have Ethan with me.

He now has two teeth and is still fiesty as ever. His smiles were always cute but now that he has teeth, it adds in some extra cuteness. "Walrus" is the nickname that Eric has given Ethan because when Ethan starts moving around the house he looks just like a Walrus. He has not learned that he needs to pick his legs up to crawl, so he ends up pulling with arms and his legs follow him. It is something different to see. He will get into the crawling stance but ends up backing out. By all this moving around the saucer has been replaced with a walker. He loves it and is all over the kitchen. However, since this kitchen is about half the size of our last he has to move with the walls and there is not really that much space. Yesterday we backed the cars out of the driveway and let him loose. He was loving it and it was a work out because he was in bed by 8 without a fuss.

I will add tons of pictures once we get the internet so that everyone can see how big he has grown. I think he is going thru a growth spurt because his naps have been longer than they usually are.

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Mom:Margie said...

Miss you all very very much. Looking foward to seeing some new pictures of you all!
Mom Margie