Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Thursday, August 17, 2006

1300 Miles

We have finally made it!!!! It was such a long drive and hit us a little harder than expected. Picture this. 2 cars, 7 month old Ethan, 1 hyper dog and both cars packed to the max. I can leave it up to your imagination on how the trip went. With all that over with, we have been busy trying to get settled.

Eric has a lot of down time till the beginning of Sept so we have been trying to get processed and eagerly waiting for our furniture to be delivered. Unfortunately, it will not be delivered till Monday. This is due to the huge mass of students coming in for the fall session. Therefore we have already started sightseeing what unique things there are in this area. Yesterday we went to the Aviation Museum on Wright-Patt. It is a great museum with so many wonderful exhibits. We got a chance to learn a little on the history of the Wright Brothers first flight leading to all of the modern planes. We will defiantly be taking any guest that comes to visit us; it is something not to be missed.

I love the neighborhood that we have moved into because it is family oriented. As soon as 7 o’clock rolls around it seems everyone is outside either socializing with their neighbors or playing with their kids. Everybody has come over and welcomed us to the neighborhood. They all are AFIT students and spouses so that helps me a lot because they can give me the low down on what life will be like. The best part is that there are 2 other babies on the block around Ethan’s age, so that should be fun.

Ethan has been so busy! He has turned into this curious infant that wants nothing to do with us (well until it is feeding time). After a while of holding him, he is trying to wiggle out of your arms to get on the floor and experience life down there. He has got the sitting position down and can even go from lying on his stomach to the sitting position. He hasn’t started to crawl yet, but it isn’t far off. He will get on all four’s see something he wants lay on his stomach and then pull with his arms and push with his feet. He is getting better everyday and I have to keep a close watch on him because he will be across the room before I know it. As soon as I get our computer up and running I will put a video on of him doing it. He has also discovered outlets, and I am constantly telling him not to touch them. Even though they are covered, I still don’t want prying hands all over them. Lately, Ethan has become more vocal and still has his fake couch. People have looked at us awkward in restaurants because of his weird noises. We just say that he is okay and he does it on purpose. Ohh I almost forgot, Ethan has started his sippy cup. I wanted to make sure he could hold his own bottle before we started the cup. He loves it because I think he sees us doing it and wants to do it too. Anytime he sees me drinking from a cup he grabs it and drags it to his mouth and starts to drink from it. (Sometimes it is coke! I know bad mommy, I am slapping my hand now. Hey at least it is not alcohol!) Anyways, he likes it and it may help us out later when we will start to take the bottle away.

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