Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Thursday, September 28, 2006

It's getting colder

The days are getting a little colder; today's temperature is 55 degrees. However, it didn't stop us from going to playgroup. Ethan was having a ball and just couldn't get over all the other infants moving around. He kept me busy by either chasing him or prying him off of another baby. He has this fascination with heads. He is constantly trying to touch their heads and then grabs their hair.

It was also a great chance for me to meet some other AFIT spouses. We each brought something to eat and a recipe to share. I brought muffins and my recipe was for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip bread. It is so delicious and I got it from another spouse at Goodfellow.

I enjoy getting out of the house and socializing. You know I don't say no to talking or to food!

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