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Monday, June 26, 2006

Till we meet again, XOXOX

The packers are coming on Wednesday, therefore this will be our last entry until we get to Ohio or until I can get to a computer. Ethan is in the teething stage, that means his chin and shirts are always wet. He is not into the teething rings or the wet washcloths. However, the Humphrey tablets really help in calming him down and it seems to do the trick. He always has his hands in his mouth or anything else that he can get to fit in there. One personality that has come out in Ethan is shyness. Whenever we get around other people that he doesn't know and someone starts to play with him he starts to smile, get real shy, tries to dig his face into my chest, and then he will look again to see if that person is still there. It is too cute! One picture is mommy kissing him and the other is Ethan playing before bath.

Congrats to cousin Dez on her engagement!!! We are so excited and can't wait for the big day. By the way, the ring is fabulous.

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Angel said...

Good luck with the move and have a safe drive to Ohio.

Ethan's adorable! He's such a happy baby. :-)