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Ashe Background

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What is this stuff in my mouth?

On Tuesday Ethan got first hand experience on what baby cereal taste like. We put him in his highchair and tried to keep the mess minimal. He did better than I expected. Once he got the hang of something solid in his mouth he started to swallow his cereal. However, much of it ended up on his face. I have been giving him cereal twice a day since then and some feedings he does real good while other feedings he shuts his mouth tight and makes a fuss. I think he will get the hang of it.

When we arrived from Alamo on Monday, I placed Ethan on his play mat so I could make a bottle and Eric was bringing in our luggage. While waiting for his bottle Ethan started to cry and get really upset. I was rushing to find his formula, than all of a sudden there was silence. I walked over to see why he suddenly got quite and noticed he had rolled from his back onto his stomach. Now Ethan does roll from his stomach to his back but whenever he is placed on his stomach he gives such a fit that I thought this kid will never want to roll onto his stomach. He has proved me wrong once again. Since then I am constantly finding him on his stomach and perfectly content. Even this morning Eric found him in his crib sleeping on his stomach. He must have rolled over during the night.

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