Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Finishing up

This month we are busy trying to get organized especially since we will be moving out of our house and to Ohio. I am also trying to finish up my job with the spouses club and get it squared away for next year. That is if there is going to be a board. Eric is getting excited about moving and trying something different. I am excited but I am really going to miss San Angelo. I have made many friends and have been accustomed to living in Texas. I truly think it is the friendliest state. Everyone always says hello and sometimes you can catch yourself having a great conversation with complete strangers. San Angelo will hold a special place in my heart because our 1st child was born here and we purchased our 1st home here. I am sure that every base will be just as great, but I do hope to come back to Texas. Especially since the weather is warmer, I will take 110 over 30 any day.

Ethan is doing wonderfully as always. Now it is getting to that time that even if I walk away for a moment he will roll himself to a completely different spot. It is quite interesting because sometimes he will move himself right next to a wall and still want to continue rolling. You can see that he tries real hard but just can't seem to move the wall. We tried peaches the other day and he had the cutest face. It was quite tart! One funny thing is that Ethan has started to recognize his bottle. Whenever I start to bring it to him, he just starts smiling and moving his arms and legs. He will try his hardest to sit up just to get it in his mouth little quicker. Only his head and neck will move up, not his chest. Eric and I really get a kick out of it.

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