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Ashe Background

Friday, July 28, 2006


On the last post I had forgotten to mention that we weren’t going to be leaving till August 15th to Ohio. I have received phone calls wondering how come we have not reached Ohio yet! Since we had sold our house in one day we had to move into a furnished corporate apartment until we can leave in August. It will only be for one month, so it is not too bad. It actually reminds Eric and I of our college days. There was no way I was going to move into the TLF for a month. Whoever thought that those were family units was out of their mind.

Since the move we have been busy trying to finish other stuff. One includes Ethan’s Baptism. It will be this weekend in our hometown so all of our family could attend. Afterwards we will throw a party to celebrate the special occasion. I am so excited to see him in his cute white outfit. Eric’s Uncle Art and his wife Aunt Belinda are going to be Ethan’s Godparents. We are so happy that they were able to jump thru all the hoops because Ethan is truly blessed to have them. It will be a fun occasion and a chance for us to visit with our families for the last time before we move.

It has been so hot, we have been keeping cool either in the pool or at the lake.Last weekend we took Ethan on the boat and had a great time. Him and I got off and swam while Eric fished. It felt great to cool off in the water. He loves to splash and will stop for a second to catch his breath and wipe his face. Then he will start all over again. Towards the end of the boat ride, Ethan started to fall asleep to the sound of the boat and the wind. Also, there will be more water fun because right before we leave to Ohio we are going to make one last stop at Schlitterbahn with my family. It should be fun!

Our family wants to send out our prayers and support to the Pubillones Family as Olivia’s Daddy, Mike leaves for Iraq. We are here for you anytime you may need us.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures!! He is so cute, what a little smiler. Good luck with you move and talk to you all later,

Angel said...

He's adorable Destiny! I should get Olivia to a pool and see how she likes it.

Thank you for your prayers - Mike is safely in Iraq now and actually enjoying himself! Sounds like his job will be a lot of fun so the time should go by quickly.