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Ashe Background

Saturday, December 13, 2014

You take the good with the bad.

On Tuesday morning, I was at Lexie's school attending an IEP meeting.   We discussed her current progress, future goals, and transitioning from Pre- K to Kinder.  Thankfully the meeting went along perfectly well without any hiccups and we all agreed that Lexie is continuing to grow and develop educationally.  She's more in tune with her surroundings and her communications skills are surfacing. She shows respect, love and admiration to her teachers and her classmates. I absolutely love how she is included and accepted. It makes me so happy to see her thrive.

 However, as I as walking out of the meeting,  the front desk got a call from the classroom that Lexie was showing signs of a seizure.  When I reached her, she wasn't seizing yet, but I knew it was on it's way.  Even though I had her rescue seizure medication on me and an extra in the nurse's office, I decided to bring her home because I knew it wasn't going to get better before it got worse and I also had Eli with me.  As soon as we made it to our street, the seizure started.  After noting the time, taking her and Eli out of the car, and making sure she was safely on her side on the living room floor, I administered the Diastat.  It took about 5 minutes to take affect before the seizure stopped and she passed out.  I called her neurologist and we came to the conclusion that she just isn't ready to outgrow her seizure medicine.  We typically increase her dosage at every visit due to weight gain, but this last time we decided to hold off.  We have had two seizures since that visit, so I know we are making the right choice.  While I would love for Lexie to be medication free, it's just not worth it.  A couple hours later, Lexie woke up like nothing happened and continued to run circles around us.  I do have to say she can bounce back amazingly well.

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