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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Back to school 2014-2015

Well the new school year has begun, and we are trying to embrace it.  I feel like the summer went by too fast and that we just weren't ready to jump right back in all the craziness.  Of course the kids were happy to see their friends again and with them being my kiddos, they seem to thrive on routines.  
Here's hoping that it's a great school year full of more up's than down's.  

Lexie's school started one week after Ethan and Gracie's school.  
This is her second year there, so she was screaming with happiness when she realized where we were. I know she has really missed it.  She got an excellent report on the first day!
This will be Lexie's last year going half day. 
Next year Lexie will be in Kinder, so the full days will begin. 


Teacher gifts and our First Day Rolo Pencil tradition. 

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