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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Air Force One Snapshots

Seeing how the kids will be starting school in 5 days, I realized that if we were ever going to have a chance to see Air Force One take off, it needed to be soon.  Plus I know the kids seeing their Dad in action and witnessing what he does when he is not with us is pretty dang cool.  They loved it and I'm sure it helps them see the bigger picture.  It's tough being a military kid and having to always hug Dad goodbye, but thanks to this little peek, it may not sting as much. 

Disclaimer- Seeing how I was taking this video while controlling my gremlins, so we didn't get the stink eye from the agents, the video is shaky and you will hear my voice.  
It's not perfect, but I know Eric will appreciate it. 

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Jen said...

Awesome! And I think your video work is pretty good considering those gremlins. If it was me those gremlins would have made the shot as I would look down to talk to them. Enjoy your last week of summer before school starts!