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Monday, September 08, 2014

Life in Between

It's always nice to open a surprise gift from good friends! 

The month of August was pretty busy for Eli! 
Due to his eyes crossing, Eli is now sporting the cutest pair of glasses.  
We also learned that he's allergic to eggs and peanut butter. 

Family bike ride  

"Show me the money!!" 

Lily and Lexie swimming in Lily's pool  

This picture looks strange, but I was able to catch sisterly love in action. 
Gracie was blowing raspberries on Lexie's stomach. Lexie was loving it! 

My good friends, Jenna and Mckenna, invited me along to the Dirty Dancing Musical. 
It was wonderful and we had a blast!! 

 Ethan had to get a tooth pulled out due to over crowding.  
I hear that the tooth fairy gives more money for teeth that the dentist pulls out. ;) 

Gracie ditched those horrible training wheels!

In order to get these two on camera at the same time, 
we realized that we just needed to strap them in. 

Eli and his new gait trainer.  He's all over place and loving it! 

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