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Friday, February 01, 2013

Say What?!

We all know that children have the quirkiest sayings and expressions.  Unfortunately, despite how cute or how funny those sayings are, they’re often forgotten. This is my way of keeping them alive.  Out of all the reasons why I write on this blog, the main reason is that I want to document their lives for them to read someday.  They may just end up laughing at our clothes or the family activities we made them participate in, but they'll still get the chance to peek into their childhood!

 Gracie Lynn, age 4
 We were at a restaurant and Ethan was having a hard deciding what to eat. Gracie jokingly says, “Make a choice big guy.”

“I really want a Rapunzel  bed spread.  It's so beautiful! I saw it on Pinterest!" Yikes. She is her mother's daughter.

We play I Spy in the car and Gracie’s saying is too cute! “I spy with my stinky little eye...”

“Smoking is so gross! Yuck!” She ALWAYS says this anytime she sees a person smoking.  Many times within ear shot! Ooops! 

During my last month of pregnancy, it would take me forever to go up and down the stairs in our house. However, Gracie was always so gracious to help while chanting, “Come on big momma!”

Whenever Ethan gets too excited, he has a hard time talking so there's a lot of repeating.  Gracie has no time for that so she promptly yells, “Spit it out dude…spit it out!

 Gracie loves to shop.  She loves anything that sparkles and is pink or purple. Since Eric is wrapped around her finger, she usually gets her way.  Eric always tells Gracie that she is going to put him in the poor house.   Well Gracie took it literal and took a drawing of our entire family to school to give it to her teacher as a parting gift.  Her teacher asked her where we were moving to and Gracie replies, “To the poor house. My dad is taking us there!”  All of the teachers and parents got a good laugh about that one!

Ethan Jett- Age 7

We own an iPad and I let the kids play on it whenever. However, they’re only allowed certain times to play regular games while any other time they have to play educational games. I walked by Ethan one day and it didn’t look like an educational game. His reply was, “It's a game, but don’t worry it QUALIFIES as a math game.”

Anytime Ethan wants to start talking about something, he cracks us up by using these phrases as his opening sentence…..”Just one question” or  “By the way”.

“Why can I drink root beer, but not beer? Isn’t it the same thing?”

This last one is a personal favorite!
Ethan “Hey Gracie, you want to see a No-No bird?
Gracie “Yeah”
Ethan “Hey Dad, can I jump off of that tree?”
Eric  “No!”
Ethan “See Gracie (pointing at Eric) that’s a No-No bird!” 

Everyone was cracking up after that one! 

Now whenever the kids aren’t getting their way around here, Ethan will pipe in and say, “The No-No bird is back!”

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Melissa Morales said...

This literally made me laugh out loud!!! I love that I can picture the kids saying and doing this stuff! LOL I'm still giggling at the devil inside comment haha