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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Our little mermaid turns 5!!

    Gracie turning 5 has crept up on us faster than we can believe.  She's such a character that we are constantly in awe of her wit, sense of humor, and compassion.  Gracie truly does march to her own beat and I have to say even though the march is sometimes a defiant act against me, I will forever be grateful that she has that tenacious attitude and strength of a little warrior. Something that I hope will still be present when she reaches womanhood and quickly realizes how thick that glass ceiling really is.  
   As of lately, Gracie wants to be the President.  Her reasoning is that she likes how he can boss people around and that no woman has yet been elected.  That last part really surprised her and I could see the wheels turning when I explained it to her.  After that conversation her future occupation went from being a mommy to President.  I'm sure it will change in a year or two, but I love how able minded she is becoming.  I do think Gracie will become a great drummer.  She loves playing her drums and the look on her face while playing is quite entertaining.  Her determination will be the deciding factor in whether or not it will be a huge part of her life.  
    She's completely devoted to Lexie and Eli.  She can't contain her excitement when she is smothering them with kisses.  Gracie loves Ethan and seriously misses him when he is at school, but once he arrives home she keeps him at arms length.  It can be quite exhausting watching how much she wants to be near him, but only seems to want it on her own terms.  One moment they can be laughing over jokes and in the next moment arguing over a crayon.  He tends to take their disagreements harder which she uses to her advantage. 
     Gracie's weakness is sweets, but she likes all food including steamed broccoli.  The food pantry is the spot where she is often found hiding with a stash of goldfish.  It's no surprise that she likes to cook and I try to give her actual things to do instead of just stirring the food.  Her favorite meal is red beans and rice with sausage.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that cooking will be something she will still like to do in her teens.  She loves school and is picking up sight words nicely.  Gracie loves taking pictures and I'm pretty sure we have over a thousand of just her on our iPad. 
     She loves growing her hair long, but only when she can wear a headband. Gracie is a girly girl when it comes to clothes. Pink, purple, sparkle, glitter and ruffles make her happy. She will need to have a huge closet later on in life that can satisfy her constant love of clothes. She loves playing with her Barbies and filling up the sink for her mermaid dolls to swim in. She's a great cuddler, but prefers to sleep alone and many times at the foot of the bed. She can make me laugh till I'm crying and has the greatest giggle. I am constantly praying that as she gets older, we continue to stay close and even when we don't see eye to eye that mutual respect is always present. She's my little girl that is growing way too fast! 

Gracie's 5th Birthday Mermaid Party
The kids did a craft, got their face painted and they all competed in a game of trying to get a ping pong ball into a cup full of water and a goldfish. 
It was really cute seeing them get a little competitive.

My creation- Ariel Mermaid cake

I LOVED this photo background and was surprised how easy it was to do.
I sewed the ruffles for the front of the dessert table. Saw it here and fell in love!

I never really see the resemblance between my kiddos,
 but here I can totally see their similarities.

Lexie and Tiffany hugging 

Face Painting Time

Present Time
I had to get my face painted too! It was fun being one of the kids for a moment.

Tiffany is Gracie's godmother. She flew in for the week and was able to be here for the party. 
Gracie looks up to her and loves to be around her. 
Tiffany was a HUGE help while she was here and we're already missing her. 

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