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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Love Day!

I know...I know....Valentine's Day can be one of those holidays that you either love or hate. 
It can be a little too much Hallmark, but I feel that if there ever is a holiday that we should really promote in our house where sibling rivalry and competition is constantly rearing it's ugly head, then Valentine's Day fits us to a tee! Our children are forced to show each other love while making their classmates happy as well. Ethan and Gracie both had parties at their school which worked out for Lexie because she was able to invite her classmates over for a little play date party! 

Lexie pretty much tags along to whatever Ethan and Gracie have going on. Despite her best behavior, I sometimes wonder if she would like to do things that include her interests. I know she LOVES her school and practically runs through their front doors, so I am guessing that she loves seeing her friends and having her own little "me" time.  
From the looks of it, she seemed to love her party and her friends.

Pre- Valentine's Day crafts

Valentine's Day
We started it off with our Valentine's Day breakfast

The kids opening their Valentines Day cards from us

I sewed some Heart Hangers for the back of the
chairs so I could place a little love notes inside for each kiddo.

Someone is ready to eat!

Ethan thought his sausage looked great as a mustache.

Lexie ate her breakfast all by herself! 
We're so proud of her for finally learning this new skill!

Ethan gave out Wheelie Cars to the boys and Smores to the girls. 
Gracie gave out Smores to everyone.

Lexie gave out Cuties and a balloon to her friends after her party!

Gracie was holding Eli for me while I was taking Lexie's picture and I just adore this picture.
 She's going to be such a good mommy!

A little mantle love with a heart tree.

Fun times at the party!

This little guy is Jackson and he absolutely adores Lexie! He was covering her in kisses and wants to hold her all the time. He is such a sweetie and his mother said he talks about Lexie a lot. 

Eli hanging out during the party. 

Eric was able to make it home in time for a Valentine's Day dinner! 
The kids were super happy about that! 
Their creations!! Heart Pizzas.

Chocolate Heart Lollipops for dessert!

After that long day, I enjoyed a yummy treat and one two glasses of wine! ;)

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