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Ashe Background

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Feeling the beat!

***Sorry about the space between post!
 Enjoying our summer at the pool quite a bit and the camera just doesn't get taken out much***

First of all, I took this video with my phone so it is not the best quality and it was taken in horrible lighting. It was spur of the moment because I couldn't resist catching this little rocker in the act. Ever since Gracie has started playing drums, there is no stopping what she will bang on..table, chairs, couch, etc.  On this video I love how she shows Eric the beat she wants to play, how her head and hair bounce to the beat, and how she realizes when Eric messed up the beat! We REALLY need to get this girl a drum set pronto! She is making new beats all the time and it is amazing how she remembers them. She has tried teaching Ethan but frustration takes over and she just goes on without him.

Since summer has started and we will be moving soon, we decided to end Gracie's drumming lessons. I told Gracie's teacher and the first thing he said was, " Please don't stop once you get to D.C. She has potential and by what she is doing at 4, she will be shock you at 12". I thought that was really sweet of him!

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