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Ashe Background

Monday, July 02, 2012

Visiting our Family in New Mexico

Since we have little more than a month before we make the long haul to the D.C. area, we figured it was time to go to Alamogordo and visit with our families. We have not been down in quite awhile so it was a nice treat to see everyone and for the kids to get reacquainted with their relatives. While we were there we were able to attend the Coyazo Family Reunion. Unfortunately, my Grandfather Librado is no longer with us, but it was wonderful that we all came together to celebrate him, his parents, and all of his brothers and sisters.

We were blessed to have Mariachis( my personal favorite) play for us and they happen to be standing in front of the family boards. A family board was made for every child of my great-grandparents. It included their children, grand children, great-grandchildren and in some cases great-great-grandchildren. As you can imagine with any typical Hispanic family, the boards were filled to the max with pictures ;)

Our little family

Me and my Grandmother Maria.
 Every family wore the same color of shirts and as you can tell our color was red. 

Ethan and cousin Jacob took full advantage of the cascarones (confetti eggs).

Here are the kids with their Great-Grandparents; Germ and Lapiz at the Space Hall of Fame

My siblings
Stephanie, Julian, Me, and Jennifer

Gracie and Grandma Margie cuddling

Lexie enjoying a kitchen bath with Great-Grandma Germ.
She loved every minute of it and pretty much flooded the kitchen

Ethan with his Uncle David

The kids enjoying the backyard swing with their cousins

Lexie giving her cousin Promise a kiss

Lexie and Great-Grandpa Lapiz joking around
Gracie having too much fun cooking with Grandma Teresa.

Ethan and Uncle David "horsing" around.

The kids with my Grandmother Maria

The kids with Eric's Parents, Dan and Teresa

The kids with Eric's Grandparents, Germ and Lapiz

Family picture with my side of the family

My parents with a majority of their grandchildren.

The funny thing is that barely scratches the surface on our huge family. ;)

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