Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Even though we tend to go home every Christmas. Eric and I still think it is important to celebrate our own family Christmas at our house before we go. The kids understand that Santa only comes on one day so when we open gifts it is just from our little family. I enjoy seeing them run down the stairs; bouncing with excitement. Ethan is getting so big because this year he was able to read what presents were his by identifying his own name. As soon as he would see the letter G he would chunk it to Gracie. It was hilarious!! It was a nice relaxing morning which was very much needed before our trip back home!

Poor Ethan had to fight with his own daddy
to play with his remote controlled helicopter.

Her very first Barbie!!!

Here they are closing their eyes while daddy
gets the big gifts which were BIKES!!

She is a DORA fan forever!

Ethan really needed a new bike! His 12 inch one was way too small and now that he is riding without training wheels he needed a big boy bike!

Lexie LOVED the wrapping paper....go figure!

Don't ask me what I was thinking because even I don't even know what I was thinking!
One of those Black Friday deals that where I was so exhausted from shopping all night and not having the right mind to say no! I just hope our carpets stay clear from any makeup accidents.

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