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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lexie turns the big ONE!!! read it correctly! Our baby girl has officially turned ONE!!! Wow, just writing those words seems very surreal. We celebrated her birthday with family and friends bumble bee style. Lexie didn't really know what was going on but I am sure she was loving all of the attention and love (like she doesn't get it anyway ;). She looked adorable in her bumble bee outfit and all the other kiddos looked really cute with their bumble bee antennas. It was a really great party and we are thrilled that we got to share such a special moment. This year has been a huge year of growth and love in our family and I think reaching the one year mark once again makes me realize how far we have come and how fast it has flown by. She is such an amazing little girl that is exceeding our expectations and we just continue to pray that God continues to bless her.

Oh, and by the way Lexie had her 2nd stem cell infusion earlier in the month and she did great! We hope it helps her!

Ethan and Gracie helped open presents

Yummy cake

Please ignore me! She was not liking having her picture taken.

I made Lexie's cake which was being very difficult in the beginning but I think it turned out really cute. Grandma Teresa made the little bees out of gum drops.

**Birthday videos coming soon**

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Jen said...

Happy Birthday Lexie! I'm saying a prayer those stem cells find their way to her head. It looked like a great birthday party and you did a great job on the cake.