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Ashe Background

Monday, December 06, 2010

Out of their mouths!

We were doing some alphabet exercises and Ethan was doing really good so when I complemented him he replies with, " Oh yeah, Oh yeah I'm the man -The Letter Man!"

One morning we awoke to a real thick fog and the first thing out of Gracie's mouth is "UGH, it is filthy outside!!"

Ethan and Gracie know that they were in my belly at one point in time and will bring it up every now and then but have never pushed the conversation pass that. But, that was until Gracie started asking questions. She is 2 people! Yet another time that makes me dread teenage years.

Gracie: "Was I in Daddy's tummy?"
I: "No, only girls can have baby in their tummies." Let's stop right here
Gracie: Looking confused " Can I have a baby in my tummy?" lifts up her shirt to make sure their isn't one already there.
I: "Only when you are a grown up and you are married?"
Gracie: "When I wear a princess dress, mommy" she calls my wedding dress a princess dress.
I: Yes! That's when.
Gracie: Quiet thinking and lifts up the bottom of my shirt, "Is there a baby already in your stomach? Take it out Mommy!!"
I: "NO Gracie! There is no baby in my stomach!" Touching my stomach to show her
Gracie: "OHHH poor baby!!!" Speaking to my stomach
I: "Who wants candy?" PLEASE FORGOT ABOUT IT

I had just made a great Thanksgiving meal and we were all around the table ready to eat. Ethan started off the prayer and this is basically how it all went down. My son brought me to tears while I was rolling my eyes at my daughter.

Ethan: "God, Thank you for all of this yummy food, for our family, for Gracie and Lexie, and while patting his heart and looking straight at me for our Love.
Gracie: "Daddy, you got a big ol NOSE!!!!"

and later during dessert, Eric was cutting the pumpkin pie and when he had cut it both ways Ethan replies with, "Don't cut anymore Dad! There are 4 slices and 4 of us. We each get a piece!"
We were rolling and even though he didn't get the piece he wanted he still got a big enough piece.

I was wrapping gifts for family the other day and I overheard Ethan and Gracie talking about Christmas.
Gracie: ETHAN!!! Christmas!! We get to open presents!!
Ethan: Yes on Christmas but today is not Christmas. Now Gracie, why is Christmas so special???? Because that is Jesus's Birthday!! He protects us and loves us and he makes sure we don't get killed...but if we do our souls go to Heaven and we eat his food" I don't know if he is thinking of the last supper but I thought it was cute.

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