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Ashe Background

Monday, July 12, 2010


We have just returned from visiting our family and enjoyed a great week full of celebrations. We started the week off with introducing Lexie to her extended family members who covered her with kisses and hugs and a 4th of July parade. Of course, Ethan and Gracie were just as excited to see everyone including their cousins. They loved watching their cousins light fireworks, were ecstatic about going down the slip 'n' slide with each other, pretended to build sandcastles at White Sands and were in hog heaven being spoiled by their grandparents and great grandparents. Then on Sunday we enjoyed a full day of patriotic barbecues complete with strawberry pie and root beer floats. Lexie and I enjoyed the fireworks from the quietness of the house while Ethan, Gracie and Eric watched them in full view. Then on our last day we attended my cousin De'Joire's wedding. She married a great guy who we call Coop and I just know by his sense of humor he will definitely fit nicely into our family. That is if we don't scare him off ;) The beautiful ceremony was held at White Sands and afterward we celebrated the joyous occasion the only way we know how....eating up a storm and dancing the night away!

Waiting for the Parade

Papo, Uncle David, Gracie, Ethan and Patrick waiting for the Candy!

Of course, what is a parade without one screaming child
upset that she didn't beat her brother to the candy.

Now back to our happy smiling children

Grandma Teresa sneaking Lexie some Lollipop.

Our patriotic children

Gracie showing of her pillowcase dress that her Mommy made for her

Lexie in her pillowcase dress that matches her sisters

Jojo and Gracie blowing bubbles

Eric, Dan, and David

Can you tell these two cheesers are related??

Ethan showing off his sparkler
To the left are his Nino Art and Nina Belinda and to the right are Germ and Lapiz

De'Joire and Coop saying their vows

Me, De'Joire and my sister Jennifer

The Happy Couple

Me, Eric, Mom, Dad, Julian, and Jenny
(I have no clue why this picture makes me look pregnant)

Coop holding his new daughter Teagan.

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