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Ashe Background

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rainy Day Crafts

It poured today and did not let up, so I pulled out some paint and we got work.

Making Monsters using straws

Gracie trying her hardest

Ethan really enjoyed it

Ethan named his monsters

Gracie picked her name too

Finger painting is always fun

Anytime Gracie got too much paint on her hands she would say, "It's okay Mom, it's okay"

Letter recognition using a box lid, markers and corn starch.
I really liked this because if he needed help I could show him, shake the box and then he could do it on his own. It was better than wasting paper and we got to use our hands.

My little picasso hard at work....notice his face.

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Angel said...

Okay, where in the world do you come up with such great craft ideas? You need to start a blog with just your kid craft ideas! I know I'd use it!