Ashe Background

Ashe Background

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Brothers & Sisters......

....find joy in tormenting each other. love despite the recent argument.

.....often risk getting into trouble to feel the rush of adventure.

..... sometimes remember they are each others best snuggling buddies.

..... may appease their mothers for some kind of sugary treat.

...... will hopefully remember that after all of the squabbles, name calling, ugly looks and bitterness they will always be connected by love. I hope they remember the good more than the bad. The happy times of respect, truthfulness, and the joy of being there for each other. I hope they remember that hurtful words cut deep and are often regretted the moment they are spoken. That without each other, life would be not as much fun nor fulfilling. Because, and I am sure any mother would agree, belly aching laughter sounds so much sweeter than uncontrollable sobbing .
I only hope.

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