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Ashe Background

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ethan's 1st Soccer Game

Yesterday afternoon was Ethan's 1st soccer game. He was hydrated by Gatorade, looked like Umbro's poster child and was being pumped up by his Dad who has practiced with him all week and was joking around with sayings like"Second place is first loser". After all that Ethan looks up at me and says, "When do we get to have snack?". Ah, the mentality of the three year old athlete, he came to play but is really looking forward to the snack that was brought to be given after the game. It was hilarious! I laugh looking at all the other kids whose parents are loving every second of it and wishing they were out there playing while their little one picks flowers and jokingly points out when another player farts. Heck, we were loving it and as Eric said "This is on of the perks about being a parent, watching them play in sports". I have to admit I was nervous for Ethan, like does he remember not to touch the ball with his hands, not push people for the ball and even remembering which net to go to since they change it up on them. However, he loves soccer and went out there and had a great time. He even scored the first goal of the game. I was practically jumping in the air for him as he was running toward it, and once he made the goal I wanted to run out there and give him a huge kiss but I didn't want to embarrass him or myself as a mother who smothers so I gave him a thumbs up and he was smiling from ear to ear! We can't wait for the next game, GO DRAGONS!!!!

Here is Ethan (in the white head band) practicing before the game.

Ethan who is #9 and his buddy Jeremiah #7 running for the goal.

Here is the picture of my baby kicking the ball in the goal!!!

Soccer Buddies - Ethan and Jeremiah
Ethan setting up to defend his net

Ethan doing a corner kick

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