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Ashe Background

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Eric's 10 year reunion/ Family Visit

Here are the picture from when we were back in our hometown. I know it is pretty late but better late than never, right!!!! These are from about two weeks ago. It consist of pictures with the family, pictures taken at White Sands and finally ending with pictures from Eric's 10 year High School reunion. As always we had a great time visiting with family and really enjoyed meeting up with old friends. I know Eric loved seeing his buddies which hopefully means he will be better on keeping in touch with them.

Gracie at the playground

Ethan going the wrong way on the slide

Cousin Vance on the swing

We tried to get a picture with all three of them but the sun and the kids just
weren't cooperating so this is the best we could do.

Eric and I out at my 27th birthday dinner

Cousin Vance or as Gracie calls him "Van"

Gracie's reaction to White Sands

I think I may have put into my children heads that sand is bad.

Ethan didn't care, he was off to go down the dune!

My risk taker

Gracie bouncing at the family day for Eric's reunion

Ethan got his face painted with the coolest spider man mask.
I can't believe he sat still long enough for her to do it.

Ethan Bouncing

Eric and I at his reunion

Eric and a couple of his buddies at the reunion

Below is a cute video of Gracie dancing

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