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Ashe Background

Sunday, August 03, 2008


This summer has been really busy and we finally got a free weekend, I thought we would do some shopping, hang out at the lake, or even just go to the swimming pool. Eric, on the other hand, decided this weekend was going to be deemed “garage cleaning weekend”. It has been killing him that the garage has not been up to his freakish standards. We haven’t been able to fit both cars in it lately and that has been annoying him to no end. Therefore, he was basically doing that all weekend. Eric’s garage is often more organized than most people’s houses due to his undiagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. Of course, if Eric is in the garage then that is where Ethan will be at. Ethan is such a daddy’s boy. The only time I saw them this weekend is when they were hungry. Since I am the one that always puts hunting, sports stuff and car stuff all on the same shelf, it didn't take long to be booted out. Even Ethan told me to go inside. Brats!

Therefore, Gracie and I enjoyed our time without the boys. She is getting so big and is rolling all over the place. She gets bored really easy so I try to keep her busy from one thing to the next. She likes being on the floor the best and I think that is due to the fact she gets to explore and move around by herself. Eric and I try so hard to get a laugh out of her but once Ethan just walks by her she starts cracking up. She just waits for him to come and talk to her. She will follow him around with her eyes just to keep tabs on him. She is busting out of her 6-9 month clothes and has started wearing 12 month clothing. She has really started to like the cereal and seems to realize what to do with the food once it is in her mouth, thankfully no more gagging.

Ethan is still enjoying the summer and just plays with his friends. He loves meeting new kids and always has to come and tell me that he made a new friend. One thing is that he always wants to play with older boys. There can be a little girl around his age but he will want to play with the older boy and do big boy stuff. I have to watch him because he will try jumping off things that are just way to high. A couple days ago, Ethan was watching his buddy Ty on his blog fly a kite. Ethan was so sure that it was happening at that moment because he went and started to put his shoes on and was telling me that we needed to go to Ty’s house because he wanted to fly a kite too. He doesn’t understand that we live far away from each other now but I promised him that we will see Ty again and that when we do they can play together. For now he will just have to settle for videos but how cute that he misses his buddy.

Here is a video of Gracie laughing at her brother.

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