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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Who is throwing styrofoam at me?

The day started out pretty cold at 21 degrees but we still went to playgroup because it is not only playtime for Ethan but a chance for mommy to get a break and get out of the house. Once we returned home the day got a little warmer but not by much. After putting Ethan down for a nap I went outside to throw the trash. While I was out there some white stuff was landing on me that looked like broken up Styrofoam. I actually turned around expecting to find a person throwing Styrofoam on me (why I have no clue, I am just weird). Of course, no one was standing there and the ditz that I am realized that it was snow. Yes, it was snowing! Thankfully, it didn't stick but I am really starting to dread that it is the beginning of October and already snow. I can safely bet it isn't snowing in San Angelo. One good thing is that I have already gotten Ethan a thick winter coat in case the weather gets worse.

Little stinker found the toilet paper.

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Bolin Fam said...

Look at him, he is so cute. I love this age!
You keep dreaming that it is styrofoam~