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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Monkey Play

Since it was our last playgroup before Halloween, we decided that we would have the kids dress up in their costumes. Ethan's is dressed up as a monkey which I think resembles the monkeys on Wizard of Oz. His Grandma Teresa made it especially for him and it has truly come out wonderful. I was a little anxious about him leaving the head piece on but he did really well and didn't mess with it. There are some pictures of him at playgroup with some of the other kids. We tried to get them all in the picture but with this age it is a hit or miss. We can't wait for Halloween. Thanks again Grandma Teresa for a great costume, xoxo.

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Mom:Margie said...

He looks so cute, I just want to hold him!!

Love you all lots!
Happy Halloween
Mom Margie