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Ashe Background

Sunday, May 01, 2016

No shoes, no shirt...where's the bus?

When Sam Hunt, Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney come to town, the most logical thing to do is  book a sitter for the kids and hop on a bus with a handful of friends for a night free of responsibilities!

That's what we thought too until our bus driver was an hour and a half late to pick us up.  There's nothing like doing the walk of shame to your sitter, because one chick couldn't figure out where she had literally dropped us off a couple hours earlier.  

Besides that fiasco, we had a fabulous time!  We enjoyed all of the acts and I sang my heart out all night long.  Plus, we have such short time to really get to know our ACSC family, and boy did we get to know each other really well that night! ;) 

Some of the guys feeling great after the concert! 
Little did we know how long the night was going to be.   Yikes! 

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